AutPlay® Therapy

AutPlay® Therapy is an integrative family play therapy approach working to support the mental health needs of autistic and neurodivergent children (ages 3-18), including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, developmental and physical disabilities.

AutPlay® usually follows three phases of therapy as outlined below:

  1. Intake and Assessment Phase,
  2. Structured Play Intervention Phase,
  3. Termination Phase. Additionally, the therapist may use the AutPlay Follow Me Approach (FMA), a child-led non-directive-based philosophy to meet engagement, connection, and relationship development needs.


When working with your child, the therapists at nurture child and adolescent therapy will take their time to recognise your individual child and highlight their strengths as well as guide areas of intervention, goals, and approaches for addressing the needs of the child and family. They will use Sand trays/art/clay/sensory materials and games to engage and support your child in a fun and engaging manner.

The therapeutic powers of play therapy are utilized in this way to address a variety of possible needs including emotional regulation struggles, social navigation needs, engagement/connection growth, anxiety and fear reduction, sensory challenges, executive functioning struggles, depression and self-esteem issues, trauma issues, stigmatization, and parent/child relationship struggles.

AutPlay Certificate - Sarah Reid
Sarah Reid - Autplay Certification

Referral Process:

Initially, contact over the phone or in-person provides an opportunity for us to discuss the situation and to decide if AutPlay® therapy is the correct approach for your child at this current time. After this, intake interviews are then held in our centre where we will meet one another, share important information and discuss any ideas that could be used to support your child in their play therapy experience.

Children usually attend for a minimum of 12 sessions with a review halfway through to discuss any improvements and to explore further areas we feel need support. AutPlay® therapy can take place both on a one-to-one basis and at times in group-based situations. This is based on your unique circumstances and the therapist’s recommendations. For further information please contact Sarah.

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