Group therapy

We at nurture therapy offer a variety of group therapy programmes throughout the year. During these group interventions we focus on a number of areas, these include:

  • Anxiety
  • Grief/Loss
  • Improving social skills
  • Building Connections
  • Improving Low self-esteem
  • Exploring emotional regulation
  • Building Confidence
  • Growing Resilience

At nurture child and adolescent therapy, we understand that at times it can feel like you are the only person in the world feeling the way you do and this can be isolating and lonely. By being a part of a group of children around the same age as yourself and who are working through similar problems you can find yourself feeling safe, secure, supported and understood.

By sharing their experiences, children can feel validated and empowered as they are able to support one another and build on their own self esteem. They build on their social skills in an accepting environment that supports social feedback and clarity around areas they don’t feel comfortable sharing with their own friends or close family members. Our groups are safe and structured environments with no more then 6 children attending at a time allowing strong relationships and supportive bonds to form.

Group Therapy

Through the use of structured activities, the therapist teaches proven strategies to cope with specific problems. Group members will have the opportunity to practice these skills in a safe environment and share their experiences together. Our groups can be formed to tackle a variety of issues, some are designed to target specific problems such as anxiety, depression, or loss. Other groups focus on improving social skills, or helping clients cope with a range of challenges such as low-self-esteem, emotional regulation, confidence and resilience.

Group durations vary, usually they are time limited, either over a period of three to five days or weekly for a duration of 6 weeks. Occasionally they can be indeterminate (also known as an ongoing group) where the therapist and clients work together for longer periods of time. The design, therapeutic approach and duration of the group are determined by the focus of the group, the discussions with parents and the therapist’s theoretical orientation.

Referral Process:

Initially, contact over the phone or in person provides an opportunity for us to discuss the situation and to decide if group therapy is the correct approach for your child at this current time. After this, intake interviews are then held in our centre where we will meet one another, share important information and discuss any ideas that could be used to support your child in their group therapy experience. Groups will usually take place for a set period of time and the groups will be held at the same time and on the same day every week. These groups and their suitability are based on your unique circumstances and the therapist’s recommendations. For further information please contact Sarah

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